What are the exact units used by docker options & dashboards?

Hey community :slight_smile:

I’m wondering: what is the exact unit used when configuring Nodes (with docker), or when displaying a Node Dashboard.

They are 2 main ways to count a quantity of data nowadays, wich keeps confusing everyone as hardware is advertised in TB (as in the international scale where 1TB = 1000GB), but most OS then display TiB (1 TiB = 1024 MiB), even though they usually display “TB” which is wrong.

Windows does that mistake for instance. Linux sometimes does, sometimes don’t… depending on the distribution and the softwares used…

In short, looks like it’s a mess here to stay for long.

Hence my question: Does STORJ use TB/MB/KB or TiB/MiB/KiB?
From what I understand in the dashboard, it does use the international units (TB/GB/MB).
Which I think is good!

What about the docker client and its configuration?

As support responded to me, there is all in Decimal , than mean that 1 GB=1000 MB.
All dashboard and payments made like this.

Thanks @Vadim.

Hopefully that applies to docker options then? Like BANDWIDTH & STORAGE parameters?

You can setup parameters in config.yaml with TB and TiB suffixes.

That’s good to know, thanks :slightly_smiling_face: