What are the targets for Storj network (testing and usage?)

What are the targets for Storj Network testing and consumer usage? What is the expected size (available and used space) of the Storj network in the coming months, next year, and in the following years?

We want to grow the network as quickly as possible. Decentralized and distributed cloud storage offers some differentiated capabilities and can fundamentally change how data is stored on the internet.

Especially while the network is just getting started, it’s extremely important to maintain a balance of supply and demand. Too much supply leads to low payouts to SNOs and ultimately higher churn as Nodes leave the network. High churn means increased costs for data repair and if too high could impact durability. Too much demand and not enough supply could lead to poor performance in a bandwidth-constrained environment.

We’ve got some great things planned in the roadmap that will decouple some of these dependencies, improve performance, increase network throughput, address a broader range of use cases and improve the overall economics.

The single largest driver is customer demand for cloud storage. That’s one area where the community can definitely help. By amplifying the message and getting the word out about Tardigrade cloud storage, we all win.


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