What compels you to be a Storage Node Operator?

Hello, Atikh here, a Product Designer at Storj Labs. I am interested in learning what compels you to participate in the network. :slight_smile:

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Hi @tikh

For me: : I build storage and network solutions before StorLabs is appear. I love hardware and build networking, infrastructure solutions, optimize it and get result (no make sense build anything without result), so Storj inspire me did things that I love, and some compensation inspire me did more good things.


Thanks for sharing @Odmin! I’m glad we’re able to help you do more of what you love! :slight_smile:

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hi, I have to much hardware sitting around and unlimited internet and thats more than I need so I want to make some extra cash :slight_smile:


Extra cash is nice, but this is also something interesting to do, especially since the requirements are rather strict.
And currently this costs less than mining and probably is more profitable. And the hardware I use could be used for other things if for some reason I decided to stop participating in the network, unlike an ASIC.


im not sure if its more proffitable than mining but we will see


While I do like the hardware side I don’t have the kind of hardware some others are using. But I really believe in putting wasted free space to use. I enjoy systems that are clever like that. The concept that a bunch of untrusted pieces can be put together in a network that is rock solid. I guess you could say I love the software and concept side more than the hardware. I also won’t say no to getting paid for this service. But the truth is that even in the best months it’s fairly insignificant. I understand storj payouts won’t change my life. It’s just a small extra payment.


I forget one important thing!
I like be a part first decentralized system and provide good service (and improve it too) to all network!

I look like him :laughing:


I’m doing it because I have the interest, skills and idle capacity; why not try to monetize this a bit?

I’ll drop out if the compensation (due to usage patterns) turns out to be not worth the effort of daily monitoring.


for me anything that goes against the status quo I’m in complacency is not healthy that’s just me


I have a boatload of storage that’s always on. I fully support the program and want to use it in my business as we backup to S3 for many of our storage appliances so I can migrate that data easily to storj once it’s stable. I’ve been in crypto for years and really like this project. It doesn’t require power hungry GPU’s or custom hardware to run.


For the fun of it. And its easy. Leave the computer on, thats it. My tech skills are low so im learning new stuff and thats always fun. And if the pay makes my server run for free thats a big bonus


@tikh keep in mind you’re going to get responses here from the most engaged SNOs. It may not be representative for the wider sample of set it and forget it node operators who are more likely to be in it just to make some money.


Great point @BrightSilence! I’m going to try and find more responses, but have def appreciate these! :slight_smile:

This is one of those projects that actually manages to be transparent to a certain degree. I personally prefer the opportunity to follow engineering discussions while learning the details of the operations of a storage node.

The project is interesting on many levels - and since it’s a simple docker spin-up to participate, everyone can do so on their own level of techiness.

I’ve been working professionally with distributed systems for years, thus my own interest and engagement, but when mentioning it to peers and friends - they’ve been triggered by the challenge of the big corp operators (google, amazon etc), and their personal rebels (in lack of better word) come to life. A few of them actually signed up and are happy to follow the progress of the development.

Just a few cents from me, hope it’s useful.


Hmmm, hard to say, I want to be a part of new things coming out for one. I have a industrial grade setup capable of assisting without it even feeling anything. And finally I guess the thought of getting even just a bit back from keeping my server up 24/7 is nice even if I would do that anyway. Well that’s my thoughts put in.

I did the mining thing for a bit but felt that I got into the hardware mining game too late and it wasn’t really worth the costs. I started to look for something that was new - fresh - under valued that I could get in on the ground floor and ride to the penthouse.
I found Storj - I read the whitepaper, joined the community on rocket chat, and did some homework.
I felt that Storj was just what I was looking for. New - Still in Alpha, fresh - a lot of interest, a lot of activity on chat, a lot of dev progress, under valued - I am being optimistic and hopeful but I really want Storj to grow and become something formidable against the giants. If it does then more profit for those who were in it early. All riding on these customers that have PB of data to save!

Mining with ASIC was boring - plug it in and pay the electric bill. Because I had to build out the system, get the system working, configure the storage and software, and then find ways to monitor the system and the network I have been mentally and physically invested in this project and continue to be educated by the Storjlings and the experienced SNOs out there.

I am even now trying to optimize my SN with Internet connection speeds, hardware, concurrent sessions, etc with is all added value to my technical growth vs plug it in a pay the bill.


Dear @tikh,

an interesting question indeed! As I have been explaining the Storj project to my friends I have been asked the same question a few times already. The short answer: it is fun. The more elaborated answer comes here below:

Folding At Home (F@H) - Paid but unused internet bandwidth & HDD space
I have a computer which is working the whole time as it is dedicated to the Folding At Home project*. Such project stresses the GPU and CPU mainly not the HDD, nor the internet connection. Some years ago I thought that I may try to “donate” even the HDD space and the internet bandwidth which I have unusued at home. This was the first thought that brought me to storj, V2 at the time. I was able to run both projects on the same computer withouth issues.

*Please feel free to join our team, the Swiss Folding Team, we definitely could use some help! :slight_smile:. Our stats can be checked at this link

Building an alternative
I like about the Storjshare project as we are building an alternative to the solutions created by major providers.

Online 100%, is that difficult?
My computer is not a server, it is an old gaming computer, therefore I do not dispose of all the available redundancy tricks which help you have a computer online the whole time. Still I have the feeling of having a very stable internet, power supply and computer: the storjshare project is a way for me to test if this “stability feeling” I have is correct or not.

For the moment being I have noticed that with V3 on Windows it is way more difficult to grant high levels of availability. After having switched to linux, though it is much better.

Learning new things
I never used docker before. I now have! In order to test V3 I had to install Windows 10 as Windows 7 is not supported. Windows 10 and docker do not work that well for our project, so in order to reduce the number of ERRORS in the logs I decided to install linux. With the help of the moderators and of the community I was able to install linux and move all the data.

Community feeling
I like the fact that chat is always populated that there is always someone who answers you. And also the emails updating us on the developments of the projects make me feel as part of the whole, which is great. We are doing something together, even if very afar from each other. Seems very difficult to me but it is happening. I think this is great. I never thought I would listen to those very long youtube videos, but indeed I am.

This is, for me, the least interesting part. I have no idea how one could change Storj in €: I believe it is possible, but I am pretty sure it will cost a lot. And given the scarce amount of Storj I have earned through the months I am not bothered in understanding how to exchange Storj in € or USD. My computer is always on in any case, so it does not matter to me, the money I spend for the electricity is spent anyway (and again, in my case, it is not Storj which is increasing the power consumption making me consume more electricity but F@H is).

So, I believe I have added all my points… :slight_smile:@tikh thanks for the opportunity to share all my enthusiasm about the project.


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