What do I do with it?

So on a whim I tried mining back in late 2017/early 2018. I accumulated approx 70 storj then stopped and don’t plan on mining anymore. So how can I get rid of the stuff? I don’t want to register with some outfit just to dump the stuff. I don’t even need the wallet anymore. Suggestions?

Sell it for quite a lot of money

You can transfer it to Exodus, Coinbase, etc and exchange for something else.

You can try exchanging for fiat on one of the exchanges, you can try swapping it for another cryptocurrency at one of the sites that does that, you can use it to buy some storage on Tardigrade, you can HODL, or if you’re absolutely going nuts over it, and want to get rid of it, you can send it to me. :grin:

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Thanks for the ideas. Everyplace I go wants me to buy some ETH to pay a transfer fee. I want OUT of crypto, I don’t want more. I’d give the STORJ wallet private key for a currency sent to paypal. Easy profit for someone as I don’t expect anywhere near the current exchange rate. Hope this doesn’t violate any TOS

If you’re only expecting a small amount of money in return, perhaps it’s better to save the wallet keys somewhere and leave it for a few years? Perhaps it grows to a substantial amount and surprises you…

You’re right. Haven’t bothered with it in 2 or 3 years, might as well let it sit and see what happens. Thanks.

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Yeah keep it for retirement :slight_smile:

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be sure that you have the stuff required to access your wallet in the future…

who knows what crazy prices it might be at… but for 210$ current value its limited how much work is worth putting into getting it out… tho keep in mind, when the bull market is over storj might devaluate… but who knows… not easy to predict the future of economics, but it will most likely be years before you can pull them out for anything worth the effort later…

ofc storj token might jump to 10$ this bullrun sure looks like it could be possible lol
so might be worth holding an eye on the storj token price from time to time.

You think it will go back to close to the old value? Is there any cryptocurrency that has had this history? From what I’ve seen they drop but not to the value before the jump.

Storj is indeed not meant for storage of value, just data, so the token might not have an incentive to rise in value, but still…