What does influencing the STORJ token value to grow or devalue


I know that this forum is more about the techincal aspects of the node operator, but just I bought a lot of storj tokens and was wondering what does influencing the ups and downs of the storj token value. I mean the STORJ decentralized data storage is awesome and I am down with it all the way no matter how difficult is to mantain this nodes. Is the passion driven more then the financial side of it. But now as I am investing time and money on it, again I was wondering aboout the ups and downs of the storj token, the why…

Like all things on free markets… supply and demand.

STORJ has two specific purposes:

  • Pay Storage Node Operators
  • Pay for storage on the network

Prices of STORJ changes on a particular exchange based on the number of buyers and sellers of STORJ. Each exchange platform is different… and may have a different price for STORJ. The price on a particular exchange is due to that particular exchange’s supply and demand. It can be inferred that entities purchasing STORJ token to buy space on the network would drive up the price of STORJ. So, it’s possible… but not necessary true… that the price of STORJ is correlated to Tardigrade demand.

My guess is:

STORJ is a good investment and it’s a better investment if you buy a little extra and use the service. However… neither Storj nor Tardigrade are likely to make any comments about STORJ price or market dynamics.

Caveat: I’m a 14 month and running SNO… but not at all affiliated with Storj or Tardigrade or any particular crypto exchange,