What does modify the file content?

I have a piece file with follow stat:

Access: 2024-04-26 23:22:48.562970210
Modify: 2024-04-26 23:22:48.562970210
Change: 2024-04-27 18:40:55.660250762
 Birth: 2024-04-08 23:54:14.474642819

The file is in trash folder. It was my understanding that “birth” is when it was created which is 8th of April. This shall be the day when it has been uploaded. So since then the content of this file should not change. But doesn’t modify mean exactly that?

Modify: The last time the file content was modified.

So what modified the contents of the file on 26th?

Modify usually means that this file is touched. Since it’s in a trash, I would assume that the modification date is when it was moved to the trash.

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