What does neighborhood size mean?

This is pretty much the most common question after SNO’s succesfully set up their node so I figured I would just post some short explanation here.


Neighborhood size is the number of nodes you have in your Kademlia routing table. Kademlia is a decentralized networking system that the storj network uses to find nodes in the network. Your node holds a small routing table with routes to nearby nodes. When one node is looking for another node in the network, it will use several nodes along the way to find its target. More information about Kademlia and how it works can be found here:


Is it better to have a higher or lower number from the “competition” aspect of being a SNO?
Does the number reflect how they IP group?

It doesn’t matter. As long as it’s not 0 at 1, which might indicate a problem with your network, any number is fine. Higher or lower numbers do not give you an advantage.

It’s not related to IP groups.