What drives are people shucking these days in EU?

Anybody care to share some good SATA drives that I can shuck? I need them in EU.

The usual, WD ≥ 8TB and Seagate ≥ 10TB. Consult https://diskprices.com/?locale=de&condition=new&disk_types=external_hdd, set up an alert on https://de.camelcamelcamel.com/; sometimes nice deals happen on German Saturn or MediaMarkt, but these are usually limited to Germany.


I shuck WD Mybooks (have 3x8TB). Those seem to all have HGST Ultrastar in them, so rather high quality stuff. Bought them for 140-170€ each

The Western Digital 12TB Black Game Drive seems a good starting point in the UK they are currently £200.

As I connected it to a Pi I did not need to shuck it, but in general, it is a Western Digital HC520 drive inside - 7200rpm and an eye-watering purchase price.

Go for Seagate Exos X.

Just beware of SMR drives…

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