What happend to the ?view option for a linkshare?

I was sure that there was a ?view option for the linkshare link which made it possible to directly stream and view media files. Now this does no longer seem to work because I only get offered the to download the file then. Has this been removed or changed on purpose? Because it was a good option to stream and no good idea to remove it.

Here an example link: sintel | Tardigrade

And for what formats does the streaming work? Because mkv file does not stream and I believe this is a streaming format too?
Example link: mkv format



I have tried that but this also only displays the download dialogue.
I mean of course in the linkshare page it is embedded. But when I call the link directly, I only have the option for direct download.

In Chrome and Firefox on my computer it loads the video directly and then doesn’t ‘stream’ the file until I click play.

I have just tried Microsoft Edge and it downloads it immediately.

Agreed. Edge seems to go straight for download.

That means its going to be file handlers within the browser.

I tried with Firefox and I agree it streams right away.
The PIP function of this player is really neat. :grinning:

With the ?view argument the direct streaming had worked previously. I wonder what change caused it to make it no longer work.

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Using ?view it streams in Firefox but downloads in Brave and Safari. Will create a ticket to investigate. Thank you for reporting.

Looks like the fix will be out soon. Thank you for reporting.


Meanwhile you can replace /s/ in the URL to /raw/ to have the same result.
See Share a Restricted Access to an Object - Tardigrade