What happend to the ?view option for a linkshare?

I was sure that there was a ?view option for the linkshare link which made it possible to directly stream and view media files. Now this does no longer seem to work because I only get offered the to download the file then. Has this been removed or changed on purpose? Because it was a good option to stream and no good idea to remove it.

Here an example link: sintel | Tardigrade

And for what formats does the streaming work? Because mkv file does not stream and I believe this is a streaming format too?
Example link: mkv format



I have tried that but this also only displays the download dialogue.
I mean of course in the linkshare page it is embedded. But when I call the link directly, I only have the option for direct download.

In Chrome and Firefox on my computer it loads the video directly and then doesn’t ‘stream’ the file until I click play.

I have just tried Microsoft Edge and it downloads it immediately.

Agreed. Edge seems to go straight for download.

That means its going to be file handlers within the browser.

I tried with Firefox and I agree it streams right away.
The PIP function of this player is really neat. :grinning:

With the ?view argument the direct streaming had worked previously. I wonder what change caused it to make it no longer work.

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Using ?view it streams in Firefox but downloads in Brave and Safari. Will create a ticket to investigate. Thank you for reporting.

Looks like the fix will be out soon. Thank you for reporting.


Meanwhile you can replace /s/ in the URL to /raw/ to have the same result.
See Share a Restricted Access to an Object - Tardigrade

Just wanted to report that I am getting still/again a file offered for download instead of streaming: https://link.dcs1.storjshare.io/raw/jxqy2wdbf5qeaxo4a2eq6yw3gthq/videos/Storj%20Final.mp4?wrap=0

Could you please try in FireFox?
For the Chromium-based you can try to replace the /raw/ to /s/ in the URL

Firefox streams fine.
Edge is also only offering the file to download no matter if I use the /raw/ or /s/ option.

You also need to remove ?wrap=0 for the url with /s/ instead of /raw/, i.e.

If you want to embed it - then the ?wrap=0 is must have, see:

Unfortunately not. When I try:

https://link.dcs1.storjshare.io/s/jxqy2wdbf5qeaxo4a2eq6yw3gthq/videos/Storj%20Final.mp4 → Firefox and Edge: Map distribution

https://link.dcs1.storjshare.io/raw/jxqy2wdbf5qeaxo4a2eq6yw3gthq/videos/Storj%20Final.mp4 → Edge: File download, Firefox: Stream

https://link.dcs1.storjshare.io/s/jxqy2wdbf5qeaxo4a2eq6yw3gthq/videos/Storj%20Final.mp4?wrap=0 → Edge: File download, Firefox: Stream

https://link.dcs1.storjshare.io/raw/jxqy2wdbf5qeaxo4a2eq6yw3gthq/videos/Storj%20Final.mp4?wrap=0 → Edge: File download, Firefox: Stream

Yes, the Chromium-based (include Edge) cannot stream directly some kind of containers, depends on video type, encoding, etc.
I do not know the exact reason for that. But the FireFox (and Safari if I’m not mistaken) are working like you expect.

However, if you embed the URL to the page, or post it on the forum with /s/ and ?wrap=0 it would working in most browsers as expected.

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Is it possible to generate a sharing link from uplink-nodejs library?
Here I see that it’s possible from CLI, but what about NodeJS binding?

Hi, @luca.berte98! It’s not possible to generate in exactly the same way CLI does that, but it should be easy with the linked library nonetheless:

  1. Use Document to share the object

  2. Make a POST request to, e.g. https://auth.eu1.storjshare.io with the following payload:

  1. The response will look like this:
  "secret_key":"<secret_access_key>, but it's not important in this case",
  "endpoint":"gateway's URL, but it's not important in this case"

Your linksharing URL would then look as follows:


Example: IMG_0192.MP4 | Storj DCS

Please remember to restrict the root access grant in the most constrained way possible (if you only want to share a file through linksharing, allow read-only access to that specific path).

There’s also another legacy way of using an access grant directly in the linksharing URL. However, I strongly advise against ever using it as it makes you vulnerable to a certain type of attack.


Thank you @artur! I’ll give it a try!

@luca.berte98 I’m glad I could help! Let me know if you have any questions or run into any issues.