What happened to my 31 cents?

According my dashboard I earned 31 cents in March. I know, not a whole hell of a lot, only have 1Gb inet and 8TB offered up for two months. But still, yesterday, March 31, the dashboard showed 31 cents under earned this month. Today the dashboard shows total held amount as .05 cents and total earned as .02 cents. If I try to look at the payout information screen it is even more confusing but I still don’t see the 31 cents from March anywhere.

I understand this is a young node and not going to earn much but I wouldn’t expect the amounts to disappear. I am hopeful that I am just reading things wrong or that I need to wait for things to update or something. If someone could explain what/where I should be looking for the 31 cents it would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hi @stor-toq,

The amount is still there, if you check the ‘Payout information’ page on the Dashboard and choose last month from ‘Custom Date Range’ then the amount will show.

  • If you are signed by for zksync then you will get the amount due in the next payout run (sometime within the first 14 days of this month).

  • If you are not signed up for zksync then at the current rate you may get a payout in 2022.


I doubt it is already visible. We just started a new month, so we have to wait until the satellites update the nodes.

Wait a few days, you will see your correct payout information once the payout of the month has been processed


It takes about 8 days for the satellites to be reconciled and payments distributed. If you are under the threshold for payout, then the payout is banked and is seen as “undistributed” till you meet the payout threshold

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I’ll assume its all in there for now. I mean it’s only 31 cents. I just find the entire payout Dashboard to be very confusing, especially when it says one amount on the last day of the month and then a completely different amount on the first day of the month. I’ll wait for the satellites to reconcile and see what happens.

The amount shown is always for the current month. Since a new month started everything reset.