What happens if I try to setup a storj storage node smaller than 500 gb

I want to setup a storj storage node but I can see that the minimum storage space is 500 GB and I have on 465 GB. Should I try it with this drive or should I buy another one?

You can reduce the minimum required storage value by setting

storage2.monitor.minimum-disk-space: 400.00 GB

, but that’s technically against the TOS.

I think if you just try to start it without this parameter, it would refuse to start if you set the available storage to less than 500GB.

Where can I find this file?

You can put it in the config.yaml file or if you’re using docker you can add it to the docker run command.

Install and start the node, stop the node, edit config.yaml. For docker is in the storagenode folder. For win, it’s in the install folder.

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It just a precaution, because setup a node with less than 550GB usually mean that your disk is not mounted and the endpoint actually just a folder on system drive. Usually this is a mistake.
But you can reduce the monitored space as mentioned by @striker43, however this is not recommended, the minimum required is 550GB (500GB + 10% reserve).

@snorkel You cannot setup a node with Windows Installer, if there is less than 550GB.

While it is against TOS, I have read that the reasoning is because it is not worth it, unless power is somehow free and you have a ton of them laying around.

I have a few 500Gb drives, it is against TOS, Storj can just suspend them whenever they want, but I got good power prices and going to install solar soon, so it pays off and I really don’t have any other use for 500Gb drives, so they will work until they die or I find another use for them, and it’s delaying e-trash for a while.


You can also put them in raid and mount as single filesystem

Possible, but actually just increasing the risk of failure of the whole node. If you for example have 5% risk of disk failure every year, a JBOD/RAID0 situation with two disks will render you a combined risk of 7.8%.

So actually it’s risk spreading to start a node for every single disk you have.

You can do RAID5 or higher, RAID5 with 500 GB hdds is OK. And not against TOS, which is my point. Increased risk is one thing, TOS other.

Only to RAID with redundancy! The JBOD or other analogues of RAID0 will lead to disqualification, if one drive fail.
Since these disks are old, it is likely will happen pretty soon even in RAID5/6 because of higher load due to how RAID works.
In this case one disk per node is more effective approach, especially on the one system, even if it’s not recommended size, but since all these nodes will work as a one node for ingress, the minimum space requirement would be fulfilled.

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So, you actually telling us, we can also start additional nodes of less than 500GB using the same IP as long as the total amount is >500GB?

If you have only small physical HDDs and run nodes one per disk, why not?
But if you want to make small virtual disks and start nodes, while your virtual disks are placed on the one pool/disk - this is at least breach of ToS, but also they will affect each other, slowing down your swarm.

unless your solar has an big fat panels and battery, it wont be profitable. even 1TB drives don’t make up fot their electricity use.