What happens to the storagenode when diskspace is all used by Storj

Hello all,
I’m running a storagenode for more than 1 month now.
Started of with 500GB disk to look how this works, now it’s getting occupied by more then 60% I was wondering in what state would the storagenode get if space is all used and you’re not able to add storage to you node?
How will this affect the earnings…

You will earn from the storing data and from the egress traffic.

So is this data constantly changing?
In theory someone could store 500GB data on the node and never touch this again!
Or do I miss something here?

There is no predictable behavior. Also, you can read this:

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First, this is beta so I wouldn’t care so much about how the network works until its in full production. Important.

Second If I would store 500GB of data VERY little of that would reach your node. As each file is split in multiple copies. But you will of course store backup data, most of take backup, and we store that in the cloud. So how often do we need it… ?

We do not uses replication in the v3. You can read more here:


Correct, it looks like I used the incorrect terminology here but the result is the same.

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This is what happens when you run out of allocated space.
Keep in mind that if you run out of physical disk space before running out of allocated space, bad things can happen, including the node not being able to start at all. So please don’t allocate more than 90% of physically available space to your node.

Hello all,

Nice discussion here, thank you so much for your answers and the time you took to gave them.
I would love to see what happens when the network reaches production stage…!
Would be very interesting to see what happens…
My node is receiving and sending traffic, but I assume this is test data for now…