What happens when 100% of my Upload Bandwidth is utilized?

Hey all,

I am planning to build out my StorJ setup and came to the conclusion that my Upload Speed (50 MB/s) is the limiting factor. So, I am wondering how Nodes will behave if the 50 MB/s is 100% utilized. Let’s ignore the fact that it would take some time to reach that point ^^

  • Will my Nodes be “punished” for not being able to Upload requested Data in time?
  • Will there be an Impact on the amount of Data being stored on my Nodes? I have a download rate of 1000 MB/s so bandwidth wise there should be no problem.

Is there anything else I am missing?

Thanks in advance :smiley:

This is what I think would happen.
When customers upload or download data, they access more nodes than needed to download the complete file. The first nodes that finish giving/receiving the data get paid (for that file), while other transfers of that file get canceled.

If your node is slow, you will receive less “paid” bandwidth - there will be attempts to upload or download files, but they will be canceled.

If your node is overloaded, it should act similar to if it was just slow, so the overload should decrease your success percentage and will probably result in you getting paid less than if your node was not overloaded. If your egress is overloaded, your ingress will work slower and may cause you to get less data.

In the past, there was a config parameter of how many simultaneous uploads your node would allow - it would reject the others. No such limit on downloads because it could result in the customer not being able to download his file (if too many nodes reject the transfer) compared to just getting it slower.

I think some kind of rate limit or some way for a node to say “I’m overloaded” to the satellite would be useful, but so far there is not a lot of traffic, so such feature is not really needed.


hello, I have 250 TB of data, and max usage that i have seen is 170 mbit upload.
I think you will be Ok with 50 mbit long time, when you get to limit then you can update bandwidth, but then you will get some amount of money every month already.

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Ah okay interesting, what’s your average Upload rate throughout the day?

Max In: 97.21Mb; Average In: 64.63Mb; Current In: 50.22Mb;
Max Out: 118.64Mb; Average Out: 81.57Mb; Current Out: 57.62Mb;

this is week average now


Less than what it thought it would be, thanks for letting me know :blush:

@Vadim But that is scattered all over your zillions nodes, right?

I mean these figures are not for a single node (or more precisely, for a single /24 subnet), are they?

this is 67 nodes trafic

That’s what I thought :grimacing:

So yeah, @alpha4701 I agree with @Vadim: you should be more than fine for a few years with 50mbps upload.

Well, if my calculations are correct, I will saturate my 50 Mbit/s in around 10 months. I have multiple /24 subnets as well ^^. That’s the reason why I am interest in what will happen. Depending on this I would add more storage or leave my System as it is.

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If you have multiple /24 subnets, you also have multiple upload bandwidth, right?

Yeah but only a max of 50 mbps per subnet and not for all of them. Some are slower and some share the same bandwidth.