What happens when the satellite looses too many nodes

What happens when the number of active nodes for one satellite goes too low?
Lets say in case of a mass GE, the number of active nodes goes under 110, or under 80, or 29, where the pieces redistribute? Does the remaining nodes get more than one piece of a segment? What if there remains only one node active? Does it get the entire file?
If the software dosen’t permit that, does it lock the GE of nodes making it impossible to finish?

You need to have a minimum amount of online nodes on that satellite (depending on its config), it may vary between 29 and 80 (depending on what erasure codes parameters have set).
If the number of online nodes would be lower than the minimum required amount, uploads will fail.

You may easy test that either with storj-sim or storj-up: shutdown several nodes and try to upload.

Please note, the uploaded file should be big enough (at least several MB), otherwise it will be stored inline on the satellite alongside with its Metadata.

If there is not enough online nodes, the graceful exit will fail too.

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