What happens with egress when the node is full?

I wonder what happens when the node is filled up with data, as bandwidth utilisation?
Does the engress tends to zero?
I believe that clients access somewhat a constant portion of files, and store more and more, like archiving those files for long therm; these “not accessed” files pile and pile untill they fill the space on a particular node, and the frecvent accessed files get fewer and fewer untill there is no engress, or insignificant one.
Does anyone can provide some insight from expirience with filled nodes? Is the engress tends to zero?.. meaning the payouts will be only from the space occupied? Thanks!

Yes, the egress is lower once ingress stops but it doesn’t go to zero (so far).

One of my nodes that is full gets about 15GB per month per TB of egress, which seems quite low compared to a node that has space left - ~100GB per month per TB

Edit : Both small 500GB nodes on the same IP. The full node’s egress is almost entirely repair

dont know my 10 TB full node made 0.86TB trafikut this month and 26$ this month

My best node right now earns ~5.83 USD/TB stored. It is not actually the youngest, but one of the younger. I suspect it had luck receiving some heavily downloaded pieces.

My worst earns ~1.83 USD/TB and pretty much the only egress it does is audits. Even repairs are rare. It is the oldest I have. A tape would be enough to serve this traffic :person_shrugging:

Is a 10TB node really ever full because deletes would keep making space?
Mine is artificially full since i set the space lower, so maybe my figures are unfair

it has 76GB ingress, in 22 days, so some deletes and new files there is, but it is very small ammount

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