What i have to do before i make a new istall of windows?


its time to format my computer and reinstall win10.

Which storj-files i should save before i clean up my computer?

thx for help

Your node needs identity folder and storage folder to work. If you copy them on another drive then you can format your drive.

Could you tell me what is forcing you to format your drive?

This should give you an idea.


no…i dont want to format the storage-drive. i want to reistall my windows.
the storage-node is an extern harddisk and i dont format.

If your node is ok and dont want to change it, then you need backup your indentity files, and config file, to know what parameters is there. All other things are on your External hdd if you didnt changed Database paths.

where are these files or folders located?
Can someone exactly explain which files or folders i should copy?

Did you even click on the link provided? There it says

Your identity folder is located in: $Env:APPDATA/Storj/Identity/storagenode

I’m not familiar with that syntax “$Env:” in Windows, the whole path should be
%APPDATA%/Storj/Identity/storagenode. Maybe the docs should be changed to this to make it more understandable.

This is a Powershell notation for the %APPDATA% in the cmd.
The Windows developers with their wisdom made them incompatible.