What if i don't upgrade the storagenode?

I just want to know what happens if you don’t update your storagenode at the same speed than the speed of the version release.

At least, I can see two hipotetical situations:

  1. A new release has been published and I take one week to update it.

  2. Multiple releases have been published but i’m not upgrading my node on purpose.

And to finish, I’m right now at situation 1. The version 13.3 has been published some days ago but I’m still at version 12.3 and for some reason i have experiencied a drop in traffic (fyi, I’m in vetting phase).


If you hover your mouse over the version number in the web dashboard you will see the minimal allowed version. Your drop in traffic has nothing to do with it. If you didn’t change anything in your setup it is most likely due to less traffic in the storj network.

Lagging two-three versions behind was so far allowed by Storj. More than that and you’d usually be unable to even start a node.

The policy has not been stated explicitly by Storj so far, so it’s nothing official. But I suspect lagging one version for some time will always be possible for staged rollouts and bugfixing.

I’m personally updating first or second Saturday after the release, as this is the time when I could potentially have time to deal with bad upgrades. None happened yet to me, but some were reported in the past here on the forum.

Check this thread: No ingress on 1.12.3

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The current minimum allowed version is 1.13.3
All versions below that will stop receive any ingress and will stop submit orders.
You must update to at least 1.13.3, otherwise you are in risk to lost your payout for unsent orders.
The next stage - is fail to start.

Thanks for the link. Yes I faced the same issue.

Just some questions to clarify. The web dashboard still shows 1.9 as the minimum version. It was never this strict before. Can we assume this is an exception this one time?

I wasn’t expecting the versions would be so strict.

We tried to bump that version, but that causes loads of SN’s going offline and making a bigger dent in our network health. As we today likely finish the rollout of v1.14.4 to the storagenodes, we will bump the minimum allowed shortly after and also remove my satellite from the trusted satellites list.