What if we are easy to manage our files

As a user of Storj Decentralized Cloud Storage, I would like to file a complaint about the issues I’m facing with file management. Currently, I’m experiencing difficulties in organizing and managing my files on this platform. Some features that should be available to facilitate file management, such as moving files from Folder A to Folder B, seem to be completely unavailable. I sincerely hope that the Storj development team can promptly address these problems to enhance the smoothness and efficiency of the service. Thank you.

The file management is simple on purpose. Storj wants other Service providers to build better UX on top of the Storj platform such that it can focus on it’s core business.

You can probably use Filezilla or CyberDuck to achieve what you want to do.


Actually you can move objects between prefixes (“folders”) and buckets, but it depends on used tools.
For example, with the uplink CLI it’s simple like that:

uplink mv sj://my-bucket/my-prefix/object.mp4 sj://other-bucket/Other-prefix/New-object-name.mp4

However, not all tools supports the server-side move. If you uses a recent version of the favorite software, it’s usually able to do so (like uplink CLI, or rclone, or Cyberduck, and many others).
However, I’m not sure that FileZilla supports it, at least a FileZilla free.