What is a good estimate on a time frame to fill up a 16tb drive?

what is a good estimate on a time frame to fill up a 16tb drive ?

You can use

At current ingress (past few months) I’d expect it to take 4 years :smiley:

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i have had a look at that earnings estimator but i have also seen people say its under estimating and over estimating so was curious on what was expected given that i saw 30gb in the first 48h and the calculator thinks 40gb for the first month that seems a bit low that said it seems to think that it will get 8tb of stored data in 22 months and be at 16tb in 45 months given that estimate that is only 1.1mbps of ingress average (obviously that does no count peaks and other factors like egress and deletions )

i hear about people that average 30mbps obviously they are old nodes at large sizes but to get 10tb a month ingress is not even possible in that calculator without modifying parameters

the calculator gets regularly updated on recent network performance but it’s just an estimator, nobody can give an accurate prediction.
300GB ingress per month for a vetted node is normal at the moment.
The quick ingress you saw in the first 48 hours are due to some special situations at the beginning of your vetting phase, it’ll likely get a lot slower.

My node is 2 months and vetted on the 4 main satellites. Going by the average, this month I should see 310GB in. I have 12TB free on that disk, so just 3 years to go!!

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We still hope that Storj business development will be able to increase customer base very soon to make storage spaces fill up quicker.

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