What is better - to exchange every transfer of wait to more amount and exchange once

Amazing how people bitch and like to pay a 20 USD gas fee, I rather wait and won’t even consider any transfer unless I am over 1k USD with a 20 USD gas fee. Paying 20% in transaction cost is just meh.


People may prefer to use their money. Trading, holding crypto or paying for services using crypto are very valid excuses and inability to do so may result in losses or missed profits much bigger than $20.

That is what i am doing but i won’t do certain things with higher fee’s. I am in INXT/StorJ/BTC/ETH/MYST myself and paying high gas fee’s just makes for a bigger overhead. Would be nice though if i can stack the witheld amount of StorJ with StorJ for some interest.

Say, you pay 20% and move it to the exchange and realize 100% profits over the next month. Is it still not worth the fee you paid?

Nope, I can realize that later on with a much more considerable amount. Instead of 100% over 30 USD, I can 100% over 1K USD.

If you guys can just ‘realize 100% profits’, what are you doing here ? :stuck_out_tongue:


With high gas fee’s realize anything should be done with minimal amount of transactions to maximize profits.

100% over 1K sounds nice, but I prefer getting 10% 10 times with $80 initial and $80 increments. And then still get said 100% over 1.4K I’ll end up with.

Getting to 10 times means you are on 100 USD per transfer with a 20 USD gas fee, your total would be 200 less so you would 100% over 800 USD over 100% over 980 USD.

Yes, but you’re missing the opportunity to profit on that $80. 80*1.1 = 88. (88 + 80) * 1.1 = 184.8. And so on.

If you must do so with the least amount of transfers, I am not trying to be a wise-ass merely pointing out that spending a lot of money on transfers is an overhead you can miss.


Sorry I don’t get your point. Getting $80 10 times over 10 months and getting 10% on that monthly is more profitable than getting $980 once. Number of transfers is irrelevant here.

My point is prices go up and down all the time. So reduce the amount of transfers to generate more profit.

@hoarder @HisEvilness I’m going to go ahead and be that person and suggest that maybe this discussion be best had either in DMs or in a new topic, perhaps in the uncategorized section, as we are getting pretty far from the subject of this thread. :slightly_smiling_face: