What is not open sources on Storj architecture/product?

Hi there!

I saw that Storj has a couple of open sourced repositories at GitHub.

One thing I’d like to know: is there is any part of the whole infrastructure which is not open sourced? If so why and would it be open sourced in the future?

My main question is: could I run my own Storj network if I wanted to? If so, is there any documentation for that?


To run your own network, see: Test network · storj/storj Wiki · GitHub


Hey, @jonatasbaldin all of the code that is technically needed to run your own network is open source. This includes the code for each of the main 3 actors of the network; Satellite, Node, Uplink. You can find most of that code in our main repo on Github (GitHub - storj/storj: Ongoing Storj v3 development. Decentralized cloud object storage that is aff). We do have a couple of private repos for auxiliary tools that we use; for example one of these auxiliary tools makes it easier for us to do Storage Node Payouts.

To your main question; yes you can absolutely run your own network! we don’t have a ton of documentation on running satellites but the link @keleffew posted before is the best starting place. We do have the concept of community ran satellites and we believe that’s going to become much more prominent in the future.


Thanks a lot @brandon and @keleffew :slight_smile: