What is passphrase?

I registered here half a year ago, and then I did not need any passphrase. Now my old API key is not working in uplink and anything from my password manager doesn’t work as passphrase.

How can I get this new thing that I have not even written?

I do not understand where I need to get this passphrase, because this feature wasn’t when I last used the service.

How are you using the service? Vis S3 gateway or directly?

In the former case the gateway has the encryption keys, and you access it with s3 username and s3 secret.

If directly — the access grant contains all the data you need data.

Passphrase was always part of this — storj is end to end encrypted.


Hello @PerchunPak,
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What do you mean your API Key is not working? It will work unless you deleted it from the satellite UI.

The encryption phrase is used to encrypt/decrypt your data, we do not store it anywhere (unless you opted-in for server-side encryption using a Storj-hosted S3-Compatible Gateway).
Only you can know it, nobody else.

As mentioned here, if you still have S3 credentials or the access grant, you can access your data. Otherwise you can only delete it in encrypted form.

I did not use S3 and instead used API key, but before the UI didn’t ask for passphrase and I do not remember what I entered in uplink then (password maybe). This is why I do not understand what to type, as anything saved in my password manager doesn’t decrypt my files.

I deleted previous API key, because wanted to recreate it (sometimes it bugs, and you need to recreate credentials to use uplink again. It happened to me before, a few times).

Previously it asked for encryption phrase only when you tried to open a bucket in the UI, now it asks for it every time you refresh the page, even if you do not try to open a bucket. But you can skip it of course and specify later either when you generate an access grant or S3 credentials or trying to open a bucket. You may also create an API key and provide an encryption phrase when you setup an uplink CLI.

However the encryption phrase was always a mandatory requirement, it’s used to encrypt/decrypt your data.
If you hadn’t removed the previous API key, your uplink CLI access grant might still work and you could have an access to your data.
But now you need to remember what’s encryption phrase you have used when you uploaded your data. I guess this encryption phrase you have specified during setup of uplink CLI using an API key, satellite address and encryption phrase.

If you do not remember the previous encryption phrase, then you may only remove this data in encrypted form.

uplink rb --force sj://my-bucket

if there is a lot of objects, it may crash with a timeout error, then you need to remove the encrypted content first:

uplink rm --recursive --encrypted --parallelism 100 sj://my-bucket