What is Suspension & Audit?

What happened?

That satellite was turned off. Nothing wrong on your end.

It’ll be removed from the trust list which will prevent that from showing up, but before that can happen all nodes need to be updated to v1.14.x, which hasn’t finished just yet.

As for what it means, audit displays your audit score, if your node fails to respond correctly to an audit, that score will drop. If it drops below 60, your node will get disqualified. This happens if the node returns a known error, like file not found or fails to respond within 5 minutes several times in a row.

The suspension score drops if your node fails with an unknown error. Your node will be suspended when that score drops below 60%. At that point it won’t receive new data and can lose data if repair is triggered. But you can recover the node if you fix the underlying problem and let the score recover.

However, the 0% you’re seeing is simply because that satellite is no longer online and can’t report the actual scores to your node. You can safely ignore it.


Thank you so much :kissing_heart:

Is it only me where it shows 100% for stefan-benten? My nodes are on 1.14.7 and 1.13.3.

No, I think only new nodes see the 0%. You just see the last reported status if you have dealt with stefan-benten in the past.


same here… i think bright is spot on
my 2 week old node has 0% to benten, because it never saw the satellite and thus never got vetted
the old node got vetted, so it remembers it was at 100% when the satellite vanished.