What is the best percent for overhead space?

I am wondering if it makes sense to stick with the recommended 10% free space for overhead even for bigger drives. For 20 TB HDD you will keep 2 TB unused. Is it realy necessary? Wouldn’t something like 500 GB be enough?
Maybe someone with filled up drives can give some input… What do you use and how big is your drive?
I run Synology NASes and the DSM creates copies of itself on each installed drive, so it takes like 200GB I believe on each. Just to be safe I allocate for Storj 14TB on 16TB drives. Is 1.8TB to much?

I had it very close, below 5 GB of free space on a 5.5TB volume. That was, uh, kinda an accident. Fragmentation started showing up, but except for that, it was working well. Though given the code is still young, I wouldn’t recommend it either, bugs may happen.

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