What is the Best way to make mantanance?


I want to change case to node, it will have better cooling and more space.
What is the best way to do it, dont want that system start to make repears to other nodes of my 100GB data. I think it takes 1-2h time. is there some procedure for this in Storj?

Not at the moment. You just stop your node and do the maintenance.

Be careful, use “docker stop -t 300 storagenode” to prevent
malformed disk images :wink:

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True. That issue might still be around :confused:
Although with not much network load the shutdown time is pretty quick.

I thought that you could wait until the Storj network was updated, and there was a 72 hour window that you could do maintenance without it counting against your reputation.

Am I just mis-remembering?

The 72 hour window was only a grace period to get upgraded, and did not allow any grace for extended downtime.

With that though, if you have to do an upgrade; and watchtower didn’t run yet.

  1. shutdown storj
  2. do storj update (keep it offline)
  3. do OS patches
  4. shutdown server
  5. do physical maintenance
  6. start storj

That is the least intrusive with a upgrade pending. Otherwise, you can wait until your network traffic is more quiet.

It looks like, I am luck that i not have docker, it seems to be pain in the ass.

That’s not true. Just some people and platforms have problems. I had not a single problem with docker and neither did many others.


When you do it actually doesn’t really matter, just do it when you know you have the time to actually finish it and keep downtime as low as possible. There is no grace period for down time after an update, so there is also no reason to wait for that.

Keep in mind that after a bit of downtime your node may take a while to get traffic again. Up to 2 hours. This is because when the satellites notice your node is down during an uptime check, they don’t suggest your node for transfers to uplinks until it’s online again during another uptime check. Just make sure the dashboard shows online and then keep it online and traffic will return in a bit.