What is the best way to upload large files

Hello, how do I upload a zip file of 80gb in size in the fastest way, I have a torrent connection, filezilla installed and active, but I want to ask you the fastest.
I have enough free space.
Thank you.

Hello @walterwick,
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The fastest way is to use uplink CLI or rclone, but FileZilla is capable too, everything depends on your upstream bandwidth. If it’s less than 20Mbps, then, perhaps, you would need to use an S3 integration instead of native, if so, rclone with S3 integration or FileZilla PRO or Cyberduck are your friends.
Just be aware, that S3 integration with Gateway-MT uses a server-side encryption, unlike native.

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is rclone faster than filezilla? if so, very good
thank you for the answers.

The speed depends on your upstream bandwidth and parallelism (concurrent multipart uploads/downloads). You may tune a parallelism and number of concurrent transfers in both tools.
Just with rclone it’s a little bit easier in my opinion, since you may provide it as an option for every try.

In FileZilla you need to change values in the UI in two different places:

  1. number of transfers in EditSettingsTransfers, Maximum simultaneous transfers; you can also provide limits for concurrent uploads and downloads here (parallelism)
  2. the number of concurrent connections you may tune in the connection itself, FileSite Manager → “your connection” → Transfer settings, Limit number of simultaneous connections

However, the result not always be the same, FileZilla uses an ancient uplink library and the FileZilla Team is procrastinating to update for years. Newer version of uplink library works faster, and rclone uses a more new version of uplink library.

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