What is the current usage space on storj total capacity?

is there any information on regards of the following? i think there is a webapge about how many nodes is running. how much storage space used so far based on total ? and what is the total ?

There is basic info

But only storj can see current usage space on storj

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The last time this was discussed by Storj was in the December Town Hall - Storj Labs December 2020 Town Hall


Youtube time - 280 seconds


is there anyway we could know how much storage space now available on Storj? and also the utilization ?

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from the youtube, it does mention that there are are already nearly 60-70 peta bytes now… is there a statistic on current utilization?

This has been discussed before and it is not a useful or accurate metric/statistic for StorJ. The reason is many node operators increase the ‘free space’ on their node when their currently available space is filled. As an example my node is running on a computer with 50TB of space, but I only started by offering 4TB to the node and each time capacity reaches less than 250GB free I add another 1TB of available space to the node.

This will most likely be updated at the next quarterly Town Hall event. @jocelyn should know when the next event is due.