What is the minimum threshold for a payout per month?

I tried searching for this info but I got mixed answers and old posts. What is the current minimum payout threshold?

depends on the gasprice for L1 , i suggest activating zksync, the earlyer the better, it saves a lot. but be carefully with the adresses you sent it and the way you send it.
but you find easy informations about that.

Could you explain more on this? I was under the impression that we get paid in ETH for our contribution.

That’s not correct, we get STORJ ERC20 Utility tokens (accaunted in US Dollar)

so if you get an 10$ payout and the token is worth lets say 25 cents you get

(the gasfee may be 2.50$ Maximum, otherwise it would get distributet in the next months)

7.50$ aka 30 STORJ but you can convert them instantly to eth (paying gas again) wich is much more cheaper on zksync-lite or -era.

how old is the node? or how full?
the wallet has to be erc-20 compatible. i use Metamask, zksync has to be enabled first, i think its 1.5$ or so. its not much. plus the 10%bonus you get via zk sync lite

The node is 7 days old.
It is 171.71GB used of 14TB.
I have setup and connected a compatible erc-20 =wallet address, yes.

If I were to use zksync, can I still get USD from it?

you can send the tokens back to L1, or an exchange. saving a lot of gas. maybe read a bit about it in the forum and learn about crypto too. :wink:

don’t worry, be patient. the first payout won’t be much and will take some months/years.
just let it run. uptimerobot on mobile phone configured?

I read about it on the storj site, I am still confused about it because of how it’s worded. That’s why I asked here.

Yeah, I don’t mind the wait, just wondering so I know when the time comes.

I have my node running on a Raspberry Pi 4 8GB via Raspbian Headless.

There is no static minimum payout threshold on L1. Your undistributed amount should be greater in 4 times than the ERC20 transfer fee for the month in question: 13 Gwei | Ethereum Gas Tracker | Etherscan
See Payout - Storj Node Operator Docs
zkSync (L2) doesn’t have a minimum payout threshold and have 10% bonus.