What the plans to decentralize an access to the network for uplink?

We have had a second outage of non-Tardigrade 118 satellite and all access to the network for customers of that satellite is impossible, since the metainformation is not syncing between satellites.
What the solution for that?

For the time being, we would expect satellites to be fully responsible for their high availability. Satellites on Tardigrade-level will be required to meet a certain availability rate, otherwise they would lose their Tardigrade status.

In the end, the Satellite availability is a contract between the Satellite operator and Uplink users.

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Hi All,

I have an idea/proposition how to improve satellites uptime. Is it possible cooperate two or more satellite operators from different places (may be coutries) for setup one satellite with geo redundency? (microservices, VM ware replication, etc.)

This all will be possible with the upcoming changes to our software.
The outage was planned due to preparation of an improved HA setup. As this satellite is currently a test satellite, it is also not affected from uptime requirements (yet at least). @Alexey