What to do in the event of a hard drive failure?

Hello, unfortunately I seem to have failed a 2TB disk “full of information”.

What can be done in this case?
My doubts are the following:

1.- I give up everything and start a new node from scratch?

2.- I create a new node using my old ID?

3.- What happens to my “held amount”?

Unfortunately, If data is lost then the only way is to start from scratch: generate a new identity, request a new authorization token, authorize your new identity, check it and setup the node

You should not use your old identity - it will be disqualified for losing data anyway.
Your held amount will be used to recover lost data to other nodes.
If you have pending payouts, they will be added to your balance, if you would use the same wallet.


Thanks for the answer, everything is clear to me.
I’ll try a few more things to see if I can get the information back.

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often hdd’s doesn’t just fail… they usually just start to get temperamental and make errors.

i’ve had good results with limited transfer speeds from a broken drive to get the data out… in my case i used an ftp server / client to limit the transfer… but anything can work so long as one can limit the speed…

usually a 10-20MB/s should almost always work, and so long as one doesn’t overload the drive it should run fine… most of the time

ofc if the storagenode is DQ then its to late… but so long as the node isn’t DQ it might work…