What version am I running?

The browser says version 1.41.2 but when I mouse over it a pop up says “Running the minimum allowed version 1.24.0.”

So which version am I really running and do I need to upgrade?

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v1.41.2 is the one which your node is running, the Version within the Popup is the oldest one on which a node is allowed to have. Everything below wont get Ingress anymore.

Thanks. Thats what I thought but the wording of the pop-up was a bit confusing so wanted to confirm.

I would add - it even will not start and will be eventually disqualified.

I have created an issue to track this, where we may clear up the words of this tooltip: Minimum version confusion with tooltip in SNO web dashboard · Issue #4261 · storj/storj · GitHub


Great news @sean! I see that is in the backlog as it isn’t a usage-breaking issue, but hopefully we’ll see it come around soon. I had posed my thoughts here as a feature request and there was some additional discussion. Maybe that could also be referenced as this issue is worked.

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