What Windows settings for optimal, longer HDD life?

I want to ask, because i remember back in windows 7, there was bunch of option to set, related with optimalization for ssd, like turning off indexing.
I recently observer my node’s windows 10 to do some intense hdd work, that can goes for tens of minutes, but when i move mouse, he stops (and its not related with storj, but can affect it). I wonder is there some optimalization tips for windows 10 (and not only) to save HDD for longevity?

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It could be docker taking too much ram making your mouse move lot slower. A restart helps but in production we will be docker-less. Also you can opt for GUI mode which is also docker-less and wont eat up much ram.

You can turn off caching for HDDs though.

Its windows GUI already.
Should i turn off : “optimize and defragment drive” for storj hdd?

You should disable HDD cache for storj drives as a power failure could result in db corruption and then your node is gone…

Those hdd IOs when you don’t do anything are likely related to windows doing defragmentations and optimizations but that’s a good thing. HDDs don’t suffer if they are read and written, they suffer more from spinning up and down.

So if dissabled, it looks like that:

But after reading this article it seems counter productive to me, because You would want its Enabled for raw storj data, for example: if You have 1/2 of 8TB hhd full, and things are being writen to, and read from, Would’nt You like to have some catch to RAM memory, to not bottleneck the hhd?
And Dissabled for database, so You would elimante the risk of data loss when power being cut off. Unfortunaltle raw data, and database are in the same Storj folder.

Its a good read :slight_smile:

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You want to have a read cache maybe, but the write cache is an option only if you have a managed power backup and uses a server version of Windows (it is fail rare than a workstation).

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You probably also should make sure your storj HDD is excluded from search indexing.

You sure? isn’t indexing allow computer to find requested file faster?

No it’s just for the windows search feature. Your node knows which files are where, so there is no searching happening and even if there was, it wouldn’t use the windows search feature.
I don’t think the windows search indexer includes additional HDD’s automatically though, but might want to make sure. It usually only indexes user folders.

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I’ve never seen windows index any of my additional harddrives. It doesn’t even index every directory on the root device, just the ones where programs and user files are stored.

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