Whats the average internet speed?

Whats the maximum amount of internet upload and download speed does Storj use? What is the average speed that it uses once it passes 12 months?

Im not sure what your asking, But if your asking what SNO users have seen for there nodes, Ive seen a max of 55Mbit/60Mbit so far on my nodes from last months usage from all the testing.

Whats your upload & download speed?

Well my max is 10gig upload and download, But my node is only on a 1gig link.

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Wow, so its hardly using .001 percent of your bandwidth?

Yeah pretty much, Its what I expected though. Ideal would be at least 150Mbit+ though maybe in the future. But not sure my cheap node will be able to handle it.

1000/500 here. But looking at upgrading to an 8000/8000 connection at the end of the year.

Connection: 1g down, 600m up. Actual use:

Are you moving into a data center? My 60/60 connection is starting to seem small, but it still works ok. I’m not getting many download requests though.
========== DOWNLOAD ==========
Successful: 389
Failed: 17
Success Rate: 95.813%

My country has a full fibre backbone and fibre accessible to 80% of all properties. Just lucky.
There is currently a rollout to 2000/2000 and 4000/4000 across the country with 8000/8000 expected to be released on completion.

In V3 I get 10-20 Mbps upload speeds on average with a 100Mbps channel. Depending on the client the speeds are usually much less with plenty of bandwidth on my connection. Downloads to the client max out at my limit of 10-12 Mbps. But most transfers seem successful.

That’s nice, I’m waiting for my ISP to upgrade to 10G, though the vast majority of people would not be able to use it, PCs come with 1G network cards and a lot of people use Wi-Fi.

Still, I’d buy 10G equipment really fast if the ISP offered connections above 1G.

Then again, some small ISPs have 10G uplink :slight_smile: