What's the current utilisation on the network?

Is there any official graphics on the current “need” on the network for get/put? ordered by region?

I’ve have run my node now for a week, that is obvious a really short time frame, and we are still in beta. But it has generated 15GB of content, 45 GB of bandwidth (almost 50/50 egress/ingress) and I have no idea if that’s realistic/estimated.

The node is running on my primary NAS that has enough CPU power, disk space and I/O to keep up.
I guess what I’m trying to figure out is the requirements for a SNO in 2020.

You are geting now about only 5-10% of data you can get. Because there is vetting procces in sestem, on every sattelite you need to get 100 audits, after you get 100 audits on sattelite it will start send you all data.


Thanks. I have read quite a lot about this but there is not really a FAQ about these things. Where does the 100 votes come from? Based on my current audit it will take a few weeks until I hit 100…

I’ve also seen that some satellits cancels downloads, and as such my download success rate is really low. Will that interfere the vetting process?

Each satellite vets nodes independently. You need 100 successful audits on a satellite to be vetted on that one. The vetting process is concurrent. Once you are vetted on one satellite, that satellite will start giving you full traffic.

This process can take anywhere from weeks to a few months. In my case it took just over a month.


Also keep in mind that downloads may be cancelled by the uplink, but audits will not be cancelled by the satellite. So this should not impact your audits.
The number of audits you get also scales with the amount of data you store, so the entire process should speed up a bit over time. It takes about a month on average.