Whats the easiest way to get files from my web app to ipfs

very noob question, ik, but this is likely the most common usecase, so a thread like this needed to be made sooner or later

Access grants and API keys are out of the questions since they’re CLI only. Uploading straight to S3 through signed URLs could work, but that brings its own questions, like “how do I get the CID of the file I just uploaded?” or “how do I work around AWS’s location addresses when I want to be thinking in IPFS’s content addresses?”

Please give the most spoon-feed answer possible – I guarentee 100 other devs are gonna google this, and we will all be very thankful for your repsponse

Hello @ViteOrder,
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It may discourage you, but we do not use ipfs protocol at all, unless you are using an ipfs gateway to the Storj network: Storj IPFS Pinning Service (Beta) - Storj DCS Docs

So only uploading your objects to the Storj network via Storj-hosted S3-compatible Gateway or Self-hosted S3-compatible Gateway or natively doesn’t pin them in ipfs automatically.
You actually should use a pinning via our ipfs pinning service instead, because ipfs doesn’t support encryption out-of-the-box and use the full replication to make your files publicly available.

From the app perspective you have selected not so easy path to make your files public in my opinion :slight_smile:
There are many other ways like using our Linksharing Service - Storj DCS Docs or Using presigned URLs - Storj DCS Docs in case of S3, or even build your own service using our Storj Client Libraries - Storj DCS Docs, but it likely depends on a use case, and ipfs is supported as well, but it’s not used natively in our network.