Whats up with storj coin price action today. Whats the news?

Whats up with storj coin price action today. Whats the news?

DeFi season is here…

All the tokens in my portfolio have had at least one wave in the last 72 hours.

Did you just pick a random topic to post this? I recommend creating a new topic if it’s not related to any existing topic.

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It’s a very normal move. storjj is a project that should have a volume of at least 4 billion dollars. It doesn’t deserve its current price, I expect it to compete with polkadot and cardano in the long run.

These are both blockchains and have nothing whatsoever to do with STORJ…

STORJ is a Ethereum based utility token, not a blockchain.

STORJ token has a $625 million USD market cap on Ethereum. And ranked 136 of several thousand tokens on the second most used and most popular blockchain in existence at this time.

The token price is part speculative and part project based. The rise and fall of the token value in relation to USD may have absolutely nothing to do with the project or the blockchain technology.

However… It would be great to have the ability for small time holders to be able to swap STORJ without worrying about the blockchain costs. Maybe a polygon wrapped STORJ would satisfy the FOMO… at least for me.

As a long time Storj Node Operator and happy co-operative, I love Polygon and its $0.03 swaps.
… like Ethereum was in 2019… But zksync will probably be just as fun once the zksync roll-up system implements some internal token exchange system.