Whats wrong with my node? ext4-fs error


It feels abnormal…

Looks like a possible file system funny - you might be lucky if the log is full of references to the same Inode #14025164 as shown in screenshot - maybe at next time you shut the node down, run a fsck /dev/sda2 on the unmounted partition (would not recommend doing it mounted, it’s unpredictable), that will try and fix or delete the corruption (yep you might loose stuff), and can take some time to run especially if it’s a large partition.

You can check what file is impacted first by running;

sudo debugfs -R "ncheck 14025164 " /dev/sda2

Then for the fsck, make sure to stop docker;

docker stop -t 300 storagenode
umount /dev/sda2       #assuming it's not your boot drive! if it is reboot into single user mode
fsck /dev/sda2

Also, your Storagenode is setup in config for 1TB capacity, with only 455MB ish free, you still have some spare space on SDA2 don’t you to cover the 10% overhead, check with df -k ?


fsck cannot run…

hard disk has been completely scrapped

is ok ~ I decided to redeploy the entire system.

thanks for your help my friend :heart: love you