When I google Storj the first rank is internxt

When I google Storj the first rank is internxt.
Mybee marketing shall do something?

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Are you searching on google.de or google.com ?

it’s an advertisment… use some adblockers and it’ll be gone :smiley: then storj will be the first result again.

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It’s only on google.de

adsense advert. They’re paying money to be on top

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Just click on it, so they have to pay :rofl:

Yeah Storj would have to pay to be on top of the ads section, though likely not very much. The way these ads work is that Google optimizes for their own earnings. And chances of people searching for storj clicking on the storj result are so much higher that if they would advertise on their own search term they would be paying a fraction of what the ones buying the current ads are paying. Additionally, it would raise the cost for the others trying to display ads on this search term. That said, most people have already taught themselves to not look at the ads and just look at the links below. So I still don’t know if it would be worth it.