When we see in log real delete operations?

today we see only 1 row, that got request for delete, but it is realy hard to understad success rates or something, when real delete will happen sometime in future and not know when. Also it can delete emedeatly, not after 7 days. as it better to delete as request come, than it will delete by garbege collector.

as garbage collector delet all at once as trigger come. so when it less spread in time. and make more load.

How would you offer retrieve deleted file feature if you delete it immediately ?

as much as i know, there was made 7 days only for test time, if something go wrong. in future it shold delete as request go. this was told when garbage collector was made. there is no retrive file functions. if deleted then deleted.

Who says this is a feature?

The 7 day delay only applies to files deleted through garbage collection. Not deletions processed by the node immediately. Now I know there is an issue where not all deletes get processed fast enough by the satellites and as a result some of the normal deletes will get caught in garbage collection instead of being processed right away. But this is something that needs to be fixed. It’s not the intended way of how things should work. However, I’m pretty sure that the delete messages you do see, delete the file immediately and not after a 7 day delay.

Edit: Here is the link to the list of known issues. Look under the header Garbage collection deletes unpaid data after 7 days