When will SNOs get the compensation?

The bug of unsent orders was a flaw in the software. The screenshots below from a forum post clearly proves it!
I’m still waiting for STORJ LABS to take a decision on how and when will SNOs get the compensation?


Hello, thanks for the comments. We’re discussing the orders issue internally, and will post an update about that as soon as possible.


Please send an update for the unsent orders issue. I hope the double payouts being sent in December is not the compensation! Less traffic in November which resulted in less payouts and the unsent orders issue where SNOs did not get paid correctly are different issues which must be treated separately.

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Less traffic is not an issue… you don’t have a promise for a steady traffic.

Why not?


@kevink Just calculate by yourself how much I lost because of this unsent order issue for the month of September and October. This double payout is not enough to compensate this lost!

Less traffic is an issue because it was partially caused by Storj Team who was making improvement to network. In the “December 2020: Payout adjustment notification” post its was clearly said that

“as we’ve continued to improve the network and work out kinks and bugs, some which have resulted in less payouts than you’d expect.”

Please calculate it for me how much you were missing in Sept and Oct…
And show me how much you will get for November

You might feel like less traffic is an issue and we all wish for more traffic but storjlabs never promised us a certain amount of traffic, therefore you can’t call it an issue.


keep in mind these are still estimates, you cannot really see if you are getting compensation for the orders issue… and really looks like it’s a few bucks… so at best if you spend more than 20minutes complaining about it, you will have spent more time than it was worth…

this is a new project on a new concept, using new technology… it will have bugs and issues, some people would be happy that their nodes didn’t get DQ or whatever.

like anything there will be setbacks and unexpected losses on either side…
i can inform you that i didn’t have any issues… are you sure your node was in 100% working order and not to blame for the failure…

do you run with checksums on the data to verify that it’s not damaged, do you have ecc memory and perform scrubbing to verify the live data isn’t damaged, and really that only makes corruption of the data less likely and will inform about the issue…

so unless you are running such things, you wouldn’t even know if your own system instabilities could have caused the issues.

so unless if Storj labs can find an error in their code / network /setup that caused the issue, i doubt they will payout a compensation.

and unless if you can more or less prove that your system didn’t cause a bit error, then i would also argue that you cannot even be sure your own system didn’t cause it.

sure the issue hit many nodes, but it may simply be a line of highly important code that was damaged over time and maybe not used until recently and then when it was activated the preexisting data corruption caused your orders.db to be messed up…

or the error was in the orders.db and when parsing it for conversion the conversion went bad because of mild corruption in the database, because of many sno’s not running setups that ensured near 100% data integrity over extended periods in time.

but yeah sure you might be entitled to compensation, but then again we might never find out what happened… then who do we blame… the SNO’s or Storj Labs or Nobody

i’m not for or against compensation, i’m just trying to underscore the point that, it might be a very difficult question to figure out if it’s justified.

and maybe the point that servers are designed like servers for a reason… :smiley:

something which many in here seem to disregard including storj labs, so maybe one could make an argument that it would basically always be their fault because they recommend people run nodes on consumer hardware lol

i hope you get your compensation, you seem to need it.
good luck

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What is your estimate for November payout? By these screenshots you appear to be out by $9.22, but that doesn’t tell us how much that will be covered by the double November payout.

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I get the frustration of not getting all the payout you expected. But lets be reasonable here. The double payout for november covers almost all (if not all or more) of your loss. Additionally, the only reason you encountered this issue to begin with is because your setup resulted in file corruption. You have some responsibility in this issue as well, which you continually brush over. Technically Storj Labs has no obligation to work around file corruption caused by your setup, but luckily they don’t take this stance and make efforts to make things right with you and others. Some acknowledgement of that will go a long way. And if you’re still not satisfied, calmly make your case and provide the evidence. Don’t tell other community members to do the calculations for you. This is a very helpful community as long as you treat people with respect.

Additionally, if you quote people, please don’t use screenshots, but rather select their message and click quote. This way it will be linked to the original post and people can read the quote in the proper context. The person you are quoting will also get a notification, giving them a chance to respond to you. It will also help a lot if you keep related messages in a single topic so you don’t have to quote and link back and forth so much.

In my opinion the compensation has been more than fair. You don’t have to agree with that, but if you disagree, please do so respectfully and provide the numbers. But I’m afraid if you’re still out some money, it’ll be around $1-2. Given that you had some responsibility in this as well, I really don’t think it’s worth the aggressive stance you’re taking.


I was one of the nodes that got affected by the bug and the fact that Storj is willing to give compensation in itself is amazing. So, thank you Storj. It shows the willingness of the management team to remedy and their enthusiasm to work together to build great technology. Most companies wouldn’t even care about compensation. And like @BrightSilence said, the compensation is more than fair.

I’m not sure if encountering the issue because of setup was only referring to @NS1’s node or everyone who got affected as stated here:

As far as I know, I ran my node flawlessly with no issues, 100% audits, 100% online, etc.

Either way, I agree with the general theme in this post, if you have an issue, post the difference respectfully. I highly doubt the difference will be more than the double payout, but I could be wrong.


The file corruption itself wasn’t caused by a bug in the software. There are a ton of things that can cause files corruption though. Most commonly would be unclean shutdown of the software or OS. But it could also be faulty hdd or even memory. Or file system issues. I would call those issues with the setup or the management of that setup. So that’s what I was referring to.

I think we can all agree that how it used to deal with corruption occurring really wasn’t ideal though. But then it’s quite common that software is built around the happy path until other paths present themselves. I’m just happy it got fixed quickly and compensation was provided.


My first node is a core i3 with 16gb ram and a toshiba v300 hdd, it was an old gaming pc that I used for my first node. Today I found that the November payout is not showing correctly. Is it because my node is still getting file corruption that’s why the November payout is not showing correctly?

I have some doubts about this, check the screenshot below, I forgot the link of the post that why I’m uploading a screenshot I saved earlier

I’m pretty sure those expired orders wouldn’t exist either if the node has been running correctly and online 24/7.

But that’s beside the point right now. While I’m not sure what exactly is going on with your node right now, I can say it’s not just related to orders. Since that would only impact your bandwidth payouts. You seem to be also missing payouts for storage.

At this point I’m going to ask whether this node is online 24/7 and what your scores on the web dashboard look like? Please also check your logs for errors and make sure you check your filesystem for problems.

My node is running 24/7, the uptime went down because of the unsent order issue but now its slowly going up.

I don’t have knowledge in command lines (programming), what error do I have to check in the logs?

What do you suggest on how can I check my filesystem for problems?

Since your running windows did you disable defragging on the storagenode drive?

No, I only disable write caching on the device not defragging.

Well defragging on a drive with 10000s of small files is going to create many bottlenecks when it comes to any kinda transfers. I would highly recommend disabling it, its only going to cause problems since the storagenode does run 24/7.

Also windows is notorious for auto updating an restarting randomly which can cause issues as well.

I already disable windows automatic update a long ago. Anything else I can do?