December 2020: Payout adjustment notification

We wanted to take a moment to sincerely thank our Storage Node Operator community. You are the backbone of our network, and we literally couldn’t do this without you. We also want to explicitly thank you for your patience with us as we’ve continued to improve the network and work out kinks and bugs, some which have resulted in less payouts than you’d expect.

To say thanks for your patience and to say thanks for being a great Storage Node Operator, we are doubling the payouts being sent in December - across the board. (Please note that payouts sent in December are for November activity, in accord with the usual practice)


That is lovely news, Jocelyn.

I got an email to that effect which mentioned November, so that was slightly confusing.

Personally I am not in it for the money, I’m just looking forward to seeing more and more traffic :slight_smile:


Personally, that means an extra $.10 but I look forward to the opportunity to be a long standing member with several more TB!

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I’m not understanding, please help me. STORJ Team are doubling the payouts being sent in December. So this means we will receive twice the payout amount for November payout and December payout?

No. They will send the November payout in December. And this is the amount that gets doubled.
Payout for December will happen in January so no doubling here.


2x november earnings, which are paid until Dec 14th.


First of all thank you very much!
Will this be in 2 Transactions?

I just received my payment. Its seems to be in one payment.


Yep, just received it as well and I can confirm the payout is spot on 2x! 2 cents more than the earnings calculator predicts, which is likely a simple currency fluctuation.

Well done and thanks again for the bonus this month!


Great and thanks for verifying! I’ve pinned the announcement for a couple days and it links to this conversation, for context


Hey guys :slight_smile:

Im new in this community and unfortunately I have to start with an issue/question. Two buddies and me have 4 nodes in operation. The payments go to one wallet. Im responsible for this wallet and my check shows no double payment.

Can anybody help me?

Kind regards

This suggestion is against TOS. The one operator should use one wallet for all their nodes.
@Asphaltjunky you can use the Earnings Calculator to see a sum before the surge and after the surge:

The double payout is mean that you have a surge pricing 200% for the November.
You also can see that on the node’s dashboard in the Payout information → Payout History. Then you can click on the satellite in the table and see the price before the surge and after the surge.

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Good morning Alexey.

I will check this again and after that I`m going to give you a feedback what I figured out :slight_smile:

Hey Alexey

Everything is ok, thanks a lot for that and have a nice day :slight_smile: