When will SNOs get the compensation?

Unsent orders have nothing to do with uptime. Would you like a link to the document describing how uptime downtime is implemented ?

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You should use the built in windows disk check. Run it with a full scan. This could take a while if you have a large disk.

I would also suggest you check your databases for errors, following the directions for windows:

You will have to stop the storagenode to do this. If there are no errors (all marked as OK), then you can restart the node. I would run the disk check first.

What I mean to say is that the uptime went down because of the unsent order issue and to fix this unsent order issue, the node was restarted a few times, that’s why the uptime went down.

I’m too lazy (tired) to read the document. If you have a video about this topic, please send it. Does Storj Team make videos or live videos to explain updates or changes being done to the network?

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September payout
Total on python script: 12.75 usd
Total on web dashboard: 9.54 usd
Not paid: 3.21 usd

October payout
Total on python script: 9.44 usd
Total on web dashboard: 3.43 usd
Not paid: 6.01 usd

November payout
Total on python script: 6.72 usd
Total on web dashboard: 6.04 usd
Not paid: 0.68 usd

Double payout total in November: 12.08 usd

Unsent order issue total loss: 3.86 usd

I only used the Gross Total amount in the calculation, the Held Back amount and the NET TOTAL amount was not used!

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You seem to be missing the extra payout in oct payment in Nov. You also need to understand the dashboard amount are estimations to.

What do you mean?

I’m uploading the screenshots, what am I missing?

This payout I think:

You should be comparing the amounts to your wallet, showing screenshots of estimated amounts doesn’t really tell us anything since there estimations. The only month that is a big difference is Oct and they send a second amount for the order problem.

Thanks. How is it that your October earnings according to the python script are significantly lower than the september earnings? Most of my nodes are only a little bit lower but not by 25%. Was your node always online? But even if, looks like all your egress was not paid.
But for november I’m wondering about the same thing. all my nodes have more earnings (without surge) in November than in September, except for my oldest one, but even that one doesn’t get 50% in november comprared to september.
Did your node still have unsent orders problems in november?

The dashboard shows correct information once it received the data from the satellite. So for all past payments the dashboard is correct. No need to check the wallet (which only has 1 transaction for all nodes and satellites anyway)