When will Stefan Benten satellite be removed?

It is definitely not the first.

so first one in V3 which after all it was a complete rebuild… i duno about the first versions was only there briefly for v2 and not very engaged.

Again not first in V3. It was a satellite run by SNO that operates a website which aggregates all node information. It was removed quite early in V3.

V1 & V2 didn’t have the concept of satellite.

must have missed that then, think i joined up again when the public v3 beta or whatever was announced back in February or something like that… can’t remember having seen any other satellites… but most likely just me just having joined back then or that it was a little bit earlier

my bad, so the 2nd one… i’m sure they will get the hang of it eventually, will just take a few tries…

This is not correct. That mentioned satellite was never trusted and it was only able to get information via the kademlia network.
My satellite is the first satellite,that was officially trusted by all nodes in the network, that got removed.


nathon fillion