When will Tardigrade invites send out


when is planned to send out the invites for tardigrade

Hey @jensamberg! We have started to send out invites for Tardigrade. Depending on when you signed up, it could take some time for you to receive it (there is about 12,000 people on the list)

Please note that we are sending out the tardigrade invites in small batches, so we expect it will still take several months to get through them all.

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12000? Uau. In just a few days back is was 10000!!!

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Are there any news on Tardigrade?
I want to test it

We are onboarding those developers who have signed up for the developer waitlist in small batches now, ramping up at a measured pace in order to ensure that we do not exceed our current supply capacity provided by our SNOs. So we ask you for some more patience, if you are already on the waitlist, you will be notified when it is your turn. Meanwhile you can already test with storj-sim.


And 1 of my sno filled up in 2 months! Upgrading…my rpi is at 50% hdd filled in 2 months…talk about ramping up :smiley: