When will you buy new disks?

The ingest into my one IP was 2TB last month and yesterday ingress hit roughly about 100GB in one day.
At this rate, I will need to free up some more space for storj in two months.
I will need to give storj a new disk early next year (or delete my other stuff)
When do you run out?

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I think, we will slowly delete the test data, so may be you can wait?
Unfortunately I do not know when… :confused:

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Don’t buy new disk, just use used one.
I have a bunch of drive (4TB for $10 a piece) I bought used locally and only 1 (out of 10) drive had bad block after a few years of use. I got about $20 for the bad drive after selling it for parts on ebay.
2 out of 10 drive originally went bad after a month, but it still had warranty for it, and I RMA and flipped it for 6 time what I got it for.

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I also get about 100GB a day on my hard drive.

Unfortunately only the fill rate is going up. But by download we do not earn more. Indirect trough more Data/Month.

The egress collapsed. So in total we do not earn more even thouth the filling is very high.

It depends on a customers’ activity. So no predictable usage…

I will buy new drives when I have only 2TB free space on a node, which is maybe in 2 months.

Do you think it is going to be worth the investment, considering the possible payment cuts?

Yes, I believe it’s worth for me. I run this not as a hobby, but as a steady extra source of income for many years. Not like the hit and run in mining.
I see many new nodes poping up, after the 1.5$/TB stored anouncement, so the revenue from stored data is the only driver that keeps nodes online and brings new ones. I’m not worried. If there are too many and ingress drops, the influx of new nodes will stop and some are stopped, because they realise the mistake. Ingress is stabilising like in mining. The rules are pretty much the same; there you have HashRate, here you have Ingress.
The egress is a great source of income, but it is finite. When youre node is full, egress tends to zero. You can’t plan a long lived node farm based on this. Sure, you can use the revenue to buy new hardware and expand the farm, but when you reach some limits, you can’t expand anymore, and the only thing that keeps youre farm ON is the steady payout for the TB stored.
That’s why I repeatedly told Storj team to keep the 1.5$/TB. Droping it to 1$ was suicide. Very few have free energy costs at home. You need to think about that too. The ones that set their nodes at work or in data centers are short lived the majority of them. What if you get fired? Or the data center is changing owner and youre preciouse node farm is not important for the new owner? etc. For long term, home nodes are the foundation and body of Storj network, like they always wanted to. Runing something at home for long time needs to be rewarding, after you payed your bills for runing it. Explaining to youre wife why those are there and “never to be touched” every day and every month, is hard work also :rofl:.
As a side story…
I have an apartment rented to people that costs 45.000$ and brings back 300$/month.
The same amount I will get with Storj, from next year, after an investement of 8000$. And this is because I had the money to invest and I don’t want to bother with VPS/VPNs and SH hardware. But you can invest so much less than this and get the same rewards.
So yeah, I think it is worth for me. And btw, I did’t took out a penny in FIAT from storj untill now. I keep tokens and BTC for the next buble. When I reach 3-400$/month maybe I will start to take them out, for an extra monthly income.


I think your nodes might be full of test data. My node is full with 5 TB of data mainly from EU-1 and US-1 and I am seeing a constant 15-20GB egress per day. So around 0.3-0.4% which I think might stay stable.

TB or GB a day? it some kind of too many

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GB obviously, I edited my mistake. Like I said, I’m getting around 0.4% egress.

What’s is the average percentage of testdata hosted on the nodes? How much do I expect to be deleted on my node? So that I know if its worth upgrading the disk, or just wait, until it gets deleted.

I don’t have full nodes. I reported what others told us here.
You can find out for yourself how much testdata is on your node. Each sat has it’s own folder on storagenodes. Just check how much data is in test sats folders.