When windows update need restart system will affect Storj node reputation?

can i do windows update?or just ignore it?

recent microsoft updates so frequent…

each time update need 10-15 minute… Storj program will close

very worried about the node “reputation”…

Yes, you can do a Windows update.
Yes, the reputation of the node will be affected. But if you bring it online as soon as possible, it should not be affected too much and will recover during the rime.

Just do it once per month when the monthly update has been rolled out (that was last week for 02-2020 cumulative update). Also, the “smaller” updates won’t require a reboot anyway.

Should I manually stop the storagenode windows service before rebooting my machine or will windows just softly kill it when doing so?

You do not need to do anything. The storagenode is installed as a service, the Windows can deal with them.

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