Where are the satellites hosted?

Hello where are the sattelites host? Are the sattelites in a data center?

The data is coming from customers, not satellites. So, it doesn’t matter where they are. All data transfers are performed between the uplink and storagenodes.
The satellite just an address book, audit service, repair service and payments processor.

As far as I know, all services related to satellites are hosted in the cloud.

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I believe Google Cloud regions corresponding to the satellite names of us-central-1, europe-west-1 and asia-east-1. Stefan Benten has dedicated HA hardware in multiple locations for his satellite.

But as @Alexey mentioned, it doesn’t much matter for storagenodes as the transfers come directly from the uplink. The satellite is just the traffic manager who decides which pieces should be sent where and tells uplinks where to retrieve pieces when data is downloaded again.


Thanks @Alexey and @BrightSilence for the Info. It is clear that the satellites are only the address book.

However when the adressbook data Is lost then the data is lost ?

In theory, yes. But they are on high availability infrastructures that ensure redundancy and seamless fail over. There was talk of replication of this data to other satellites as well a while ago. But not sure if that’s still happening.