Where can we find more details on treatment of downtime

Where can we find more details on treatment of downtime. For example, what if the node is only offline for 1 hour (rather than 5 mentioned above)? Also, is there still a 72 hour window after watchtower upgrades a node? Thx.

The downtime detection under construction:

You do not allowed to be offline 72 hours after new version rollout. This time window is allow you to run an old version without consequences. But then it could stop receiving any traffic.

I’d like to also add this link.

“to be offline 72 hours” - more then 72 hours within a period OR 72 hours per month (for ex. 3 hours per day)?

Today I found that my USB HDD with storagenode has been unplugged for about 8 hours (all night long). Docker was working, but status of node was OFFLINE. And now I have few questions:

  1. Did I get any “penalty points” or my “reputation” was strongly reduced?
  2. Should I turn off docker in case USB HDD being unplugged?
  3. How can I get rid of bad reputation of my node? Or reputation become normal by itself if the node works perfectly well for next N (how many?) months ?

There is no downtime disqualification yet. People keep talking about some magical “reputation” value on this forum but as far as I know that doesn’t exist. As long as you’re vetted (after 100 audits on a satellite) it’s either 100% “reputation” or disqualified.

Please, if you took a quote out of the context then please, quote it in a whole

I didn’t say that you ever allowed to be offline after a new version rollout.

And @Derkades absolutely right - the disqualification for downtime is not enabled yet, and the same for the reputation as a metric.
We have only audit metric in place and vetting state for the every new node until they pass 100 audits.