Where is December 2021 payout?

No! Not in this century.

Yes I did. That is the reason I have activated my zkSync account.

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Activation fee is just a one-time annoyance.

A bigger issue is that L1 withdrawals seem to take multiple hours and cost you a lot more compared to normal L1 ERC20 transfers.
In the last few days there were four L1 withdrawals, in zksync blocks 51258, 51240, 51096, 51056.

First withdrawal cost 17.29 STORJ = $28 in fees and L1 tx was sent paying around 100gwei. Transferring ERC20 on L1 would cost around $21. So the person making the withdrawal overpaid $7 in fees and had to wait more than two hours before the withdrawal appeared on L1.
Second withdrawal paid 23.4 STORJ = $37.5 in fees and L1 tx was once again sent with 131gwei fee. That’s roughly $27.5 for a 65000 gas ERC20 tx. $10 overpaid, waiting time - a bit over an hour.
Third withdrawal - 23.7 STORJ = $38 in fees, L1 101 gwei or again around $21. Overpaid $17 and had to wait almost four hours.
Fourth withdrawal - 16.11 STORJ = $25.7, 104gwei or $21.8, overpaid $3.8 and waited for an hour and a half.
Please keep in mind that all figures are for 65k gas transactions, and actual ERC20 tx normally requires less gas, which means it should cost less than that and we overpay even more.

You can see what I’m getting to. There was a lot of talk about zksync being a little bit more expensive for SNO, with gas amounts and such, but in reality they just put a huge fee on your TX and see nothing wrong with having you wait for hours before commiting a tx with a low enough gas fee.

This is dishonest. With 10% bonus this might work for bigger SNOs, but anyone who gets less than $100 is not gaining anything.

That transfer fee you see on etherscan at the time of sending is paid by zkSync. The user pays the fee at the time of starting the withdrawal on L2 -you can check that fee quite nice on https://zkscan.io/. That fee is based on L1 fees. So if you want to get to L1, you still need to time that transaction at times with low gas price. L2 is only cheaper if you stay in L1 → you can accumulate payment over a few months and send all to your cex directly (if they support smart contract deposits!)

It’s pointless to send your STORJ back to L1 after every tx (IMO it’s pointless at all, because at some point there will be L2 dex with STORJ support and cex integration. At least if you can wait a few weeks/months than you should probably stay with L1 payouts for now).


I received today L1

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