Where is December 2021 payout?

Why have you already paid for small SNOs and not paid to SNOs who store a big amount of data and have bigger than 40 USD income?


From what I see on recent zkSync transactions, they paid some big SNOs (including myself), some of them having been paid more than 150 STORJ (200 USD at time oy payment). If you are still on L1, StorJ hasn’t finished processing payments according to this post.

This is because of the high fees on L1 no one has gotten paid on L1 from what I can see.

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950+ L1 payouts completed successfully so far… - Token Transfer | Etherscan

Oh thanks I guess Ive been watching the wrong storj address.

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I did get my more than 40 USD a few days ago. Also, regardless of the amount of income one creates, the payments are due within the 2 first weeks of each month, so please refrain from asking for your payment before said timeframe has passed.


Its absolutely ok to ask why some SNO has been paid so far and others dont, even of the time for payments is Not over :wink:

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It is of course ok to ask, but I wanted to say that there’s no reason to worry :slight_smile:


Of course :wink:

But this leads to some interesting Questions:
Afaik the Number of Tokens one receives and the 25% Threshold is calculated instantly before the transaction.
Also Storj said the transactions will be done in the first 2 weeks of the month.

The Transaction-Fee was at 7,67 dollars at the last transactions 4 days ago.
What will they do if the gas-prices will be much higher till the 2 weeks are over?
Will there be different Thresholds for the ones which has been paid and the ones who has not?^^
So far an hypothetical Question (which shows the pitfalls of the Threshold thing).

Edit: I think they calculate the Threshold one time at the beginning of the payment process.

Id have to agree storj is very bad at timing these payouts and pay higher gas fees because of the timing of it. There was a few days where fees were around and yet no payouts went out, then fees skyrocketed up and they end up paying 25-40 dollars in fees instead, and the people who would have made it to the minimal payout wont because of this. Storj actually causes the people who barely get the minimal to not get a payout because they decide not to payout when fees are actually cheaper.

Seems like the minimal payout was 36 dollars and I made 35 dollars so I didnt see a payout :EDIT


The same problem here.
I have about 130 USD to receive in L1 that hasn’t arrived yet.

This is a good reminder to switch over to zkSync :smiley:

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Seriously? …. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well the people who didnt get paid are the ones who dont need to worry about the minimal payout which is odd.

My payout is also high enough but I prefer to free up block space as good as I can. Just because I don’t have to pay the transaction fee myself doesn’t mean I don’t have to pay the penalty of overloading the blockchain with transactions that can be avoided. One day I want to make a transaction myself and that is the moment I have to pay the transaction fee myself. The same fee that my previous decision impacted.

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Well using zksync maybe ok to hold until you have alot saved up to cover the activation fee + fees when there low to transfer back to L1 so you can actually use it, Other then that its pretty useless.

Yea I read that all the time but my experience with zkSync is quite the oposit. It just works great for me.

Low transaction fee. The fee can be paid in STORJ token. Decentralized exchanges are starting their service. STORJ token might be one of the first token they support. My account is already activated and the activation fee was much lower than I was told. On top of all that I am getting a higher payout just by using zkSync. I wouldn’t call that useless.

Have you actually used zksync to transfer anywhere? I dont know maybe to fiat?
Just looking at what I have on zksync right now turns me away from even wanting to use it 100% of the time even if I get an extra 10% will never make up for the fees if this is when I needed to take the money out and I couldnt wait till an unknown amount of time to know when fees would be lower.

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Yea that is one of these moments where I see a screenshot with a high activation fee. Why should I pay that if I can as well activate my account for just $8? This is why I am saying it works way better compared to all the complains I read here.

But you didnt answer the question have you actually used it for anything but storing storj?